Yesterdays appt.

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Yesterdays appt.

First off, I really dislike my OB I have now! I really wish my regular OB wasnt on medical leave. Sad I miss him! So I went in and he started off by listening to babys HB, which this guy usually has the hardest time finding.. When he finally does find it its usually one lil beat and then it moves.. Instead of looking for it again to get a good listen he just says its beating, so its good. =/ I WANT TO HEAR IT! lol Then, I know this isnt a huge deal but im so used to my other OB doing things his way.. But this dr doesnt measure fundal height at all to see if things are progressing. I also told him about my BP and my concerns with my history but he didnt seem to be too concerned at all. He wants to get in and out of the room without answering too much. I just dont get a good vibe from him at all. Luckily though, I know baby is fine and moving around in there. So nothing much really happened.. I go Tuesday for my anatomy scan. Sorry for all the ranting!

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EEEEEEPPP!!! We both have our scans on Tuesday! SO exciting!
Sorry your OB was a butt. I've been meeting with the MW at my OB's office and she takes much more time with me. Do you have a fetal doppler? It's been super reassuring to hear my LO's heartbeat and be able to listen to it when I want.

Is your OB coming back soon?

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Sounds like a jerk, will your OB be back before you deliver?

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I'm sorry that your OB wasn't very helpful or willing to spend a lot of time on you. Sounds like kind of a jerk! I hope that your regular OB comes back soon!

On the other hand, glad to hear that baby is doing well. Smile That is always a wonderful reassurance. I am excited to hear about your appointment next Tuesday!!!! Those are the most exciting appointments of the entire pregnancy other than the birth, IMO!

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They dont know when he's going to be back. They wont tell me exactly what happened but they said it was a serious medical problem. Im guessing im stuck with this guy til the end. Its just hard to trust someone else when youve had the same dr for years!

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That sucks! Sad I would be straight up with him. I think sometimes dr's forget that we are human beings. Glad that things are well! Can't wait to hear results of your scan!

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Sorry to hear about the OB, that would really frustrate me. Is there any other practice you could switch to if you're stuck with this guy to the end or are they it? Glad everything is going well with the pregnancy though and excited your scan is close!