Yippity Skippity!

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Yippity Skippity!

My brother and his wife just called to say they got a BFP today. I'm super excited. Our kids will be besties. I haven't talked to my dad...I'm sure he is having a cow knowing that 2 grankids are on the way. He doesn't have any, but he's getting 2 within a month of each other.

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Yay, how exciting!!!!! They are going to be so close!!! Congrats to your family for such great news. Smile

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Oooh yay! It's exciting being close to someone who's also due around the same time because then you always have someone to lean on PLUS for you, it's family.

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Woohoo!! That is super exciting. It's nice to have someone due around the same time since they don't get tired of preggie chat. Smile

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Thats awesome news!!! Congratulations to you Auntie! I would say being an aunt is fun b/c you can spoil them and then send them home but you may want to be careful b/c payback is a "B". LOL Wink