You know what sucks?

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You know what sucks?

Trying to drink water near-constantly to stay hydrated means I pee freaking constantly. Isn't the baby supposed to life off my bladder around this time? Wink

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I don't know about the baby lifting off the bladder, but my hubby laughs everytime I say I have to pee because it's so often. I feel like i'm running to the bathroom every half hour, no joke. I told him I see more of the bathroom and kitchen than any other room in our house, it's nuts.

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My midwife asked me if had to use the bathroom less since the baby has moved up a little. I was like "no way, I'm using the bathroom even more." I hear ya on the peeing. It sneaks up on me too, like one minute I don't have to go and suddenly I'm squeezing just to make it to the bathroom in time.

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I noticed last week that I only had to pee once at night instead of the 2-3 I was before. I am 17 weeks. It will get better soon, then of course it will get worse! Smile

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Happy 17 weeks Cristan!! I knew you were ahead of me..but I wasn't sure how many days.

As far as me - I can usually sleep through the night, but during the day when I'm drinking water I'm peeing ALL THE TIME.

I hate water.

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Jess I am ONE day ahead of you. Smile

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YES!! It's supposed to get better!! I am going to the bathroom like crazy! Since I'm a teacher I have to find random teachers that pass by my classroom to watch my class. There have been 2 instances where I nearly peed my pants!