Is your baby still low?

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Is your baby still low?

My baby hasn't moved up at all yet. I'm still finding the HB below my belly button still low and thats where I feel movement too. Dr. found HB there as well and didn't say anything but wanted to know if that's where you guys are at too?

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Yep baby is still low. My midwife said that around 20 weeks the uterus will move up closer to the belly button and thats when most people are noticeably pregnant. I feel kicks sometimes really low and sometimes just under my belly button. I guess baby is moving around a lot or using its arms and legs.

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The uterus is still below the belly button until around 20 weeks. So yep, baby is still low.

I look like I am carrying higher, but that is just the other stuff being pushed upwards I guess.

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At my gender scan, before even doing anything, she plopped the u/s gloop down below my belly button and if you youtube 20 week ultrasound, they're all below the belly button. I can feel my uterus when I'm hunting around with the doppler and that's a big higher up - level with my belly button. But yes, baby is still low and that's where she/he should be.

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Yep, agree with everyone else. Before 20 weeks, baby should be below the belly button. At 20 weeks the top of your uterus should be about level with your belly button (give or take a few centimeters) but the hb would still probably be below that. Smile

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Ok good! I am literally feeling kicks like in my vagina! Feels so strange....

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Yeah I'm still feeling baby below my belly button too and on the sides, but definitely low still.