2/3 of the way there!!

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2/3 of the way there!!

I had my glucose test and last "every 4 weeks appointment" this morning. I wasn't expecting to start going every two weeks until after my next appointment, so I was surprised when my dr said I was pretty much in my third trimester and he'd been seeing me every two weeks now. I feel like things are moving so quickly now, and there are soooo many things we need to do before baby girl arrives! We are hoping to get furniture moved around tonight (I will serve as more of the "oversee-er" of the project! Lol;) in Lucy's room so we can figure out how to get baby girl's things in there, too. Exciting days ahead!!

Baby's heart rate was 148 and I'm measuring perfectly my dr said. Yay!!:) so cannot wait to meet this little princess!!

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How exciting! Third trimester - YAY! I felt the third trimester heartflip too this week when I realized that's where we were. Smile I also go for my glucose test this week. Yuk!

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Not much longer now! I think I will start having 2 week appointments after my next one in early February. I'm not sure how you feel, but this pregnancy has flown by for me. I guess having 3 little kids already at home I'm always super busy and time just passes.