28 week appointment

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28 week appointment

I had my 28 week appointment today. I can't believe that next time I go in, I will be 30 weeks pregnant! (Does anyone ele feel like 30 is a big pregnancy milestone?) I found out I passed my glucose test (woohoo!) and my iron levels were good. They took more blood today to re-check my thyroid (I have a feeling they will need to adjust my meds one more time, but hopefully it's getting better-my thyroid has been really off my whole pregnancy.)

The nurse told me I need to be doing kick counts every day from here on out. I had to laugh because she said to take an hour out each day to make sure I'm getting ten movements...but this little girl seriously moves ALL.THE.TIME! Like, yesterday, I was up on my feet cooking dinner for a good two hours, moving around a lot, and she was doing somersaults the majority of the time! The dr told me that movement is an even better indicator (he thinks) of a healthy baby than even checking a sonogram. He says the more the baby moves, the better! So, hopefully this means I've got a very healthy baby girl on my hands, because she sure is active!

...I can't believe tomorrow is the start of February already-just two more months until we reach April, guys!

How's everyone doing?

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Glad to hear the glucose levels are good! Yay! I have been procrastinating on getting to the lab to get mine done Blum 3 I have the script for it, just haven't made the time to do it. I think I am subconsciously avoiding it because it is nasty lol.

I had the same reaction to them telling me to count kicks too because he/she is constantly bruising my insides. I know-April is soclose I n taste it!! I just hit 29 weeks today! 11 weeks sounds SOO much better than 3 months hehe!