Any April babies yet??

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Any April babies yet??

I keep stalking the page to see if anyone has had their LO yet. Any news from anyone?

Baby girl seems quite comfy these days. She is still CRAZY active! She's definitely dropped some though. Lots of BH but no major contractions yet it seems. My insomnia is at an all time worst, which has been frustrating. And, I'm totally in nesting mode! I found myself deep cleaning bathrooms tonight, including getting on my hands and knees to scrub the baseboards. DH thinks I'm crazy, but it's like this uncontrollable urge to just DO something to prepare for baby. I'm loving watching her move and kick so much and soaking that in, but I'm so anxious to meet her, too!:) DH is rooting for 4-14, but we shall see...

I've also had some bad swelling on and off but it's weird-my right foot and leg get it much worse than the left. Is that normal?

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I'm a couple days behind you, but no signs of baby getting here any time soon. No contractions at all, not even BH. I think this baby is going to be stubborn getting out of me!

Hope your last few days/weeks of pregnancy go well. I will post here when baby arrives - or at least shortly after. I expect my baby late April or possibly early May.

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I haven't been much more then a lurker, but I am having a scheduled c - section tomorrow!
So our new little man will be here in the morning.

I have had the same swelling here too. My feet have been swelling for months and it was my right more than my left, until the last week or so and now it seems to be the other way around.

This is our last so I will be trying to enjoy my last full day of being pregnant. It has been a long emotional 9 years of ttc, celebrations and heartache, and I am at peace with (pun intended) getting things all tied up Smile

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Hope everything goes well tomorrow Audrey!

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Still waiting. I have been having major bouts of BH contractions, some pretty uncomfortable, and others just tight. Baby is still moving and kicking around like crazy though and I really don't see any indication that baby has dropped at all yet. I do think that (possibly tmi) I lost my mucus plug the other day though, or at least just part of it. And as for the nesting, I get those insane spurts of energy and need to clean, fix, paint, wash, whatever. Unfortunately, with this bone disorder (symphysis pubis dysfunction), it makes standing for more than 1 minute or so very painful and unbearable. So even that nesting urge only gets me so far. I still feel like this baby might come a few days early though and I have a feeling it will be quickly. I don't know if I should be jumpy about getting to the hospital (since we live an hour away) or if I should just plan on possibly having this baby here at home. I will definitely be prepared for either though.

W4lucy - I have been swelling in my limbs a little bit too, but it has been pretty even on both legs/feet. It may be that it is occuring in one side more than the other if you tend to put more weight or pressure on one leg when walking or standing? I'm not sure though.

Audrey - I hope everything goes fantastically today! I will be thinking about ya! After you recover, I can't wait to hear about the new little guy! Congrats on having our first April baby!

Kristin - Looks like baby is keeping you on pins and needles! Smile My sister's pregnancy was like that - no signs of labor until one day - boom! Contractions out the wazoo and she ended up delivering my niece four days early. Lol - I dunno if that would be a good or bad thing for you but it could happen! Who knows.