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Thread: BFP ..edd April 12

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    awe congrats and like everyone tells me it's meant to be for a reason (:.. I'm still in shock also .. it feels surreal .. until I run to the bathroom gagging lol
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    Congrats! I have a 7 and 5 y/o myself. I found out today we are expecting again. While it wasn't a complete surprise I'm still in shock! My first two were both total surprises and I had the IUD removed in March with intentions of TTC giving it till the end of June and if we didn't conceive by then we were done. I think my DH is pretty excited but I'm still numb. Not sure why, I was the one who WANTED #3 the most! I'm rambling. HH9M to you!! I'm sure the shock will wear off soon and excitement will set in. Have you told your older kids? If so how did they react?

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