Boy vs. girl pregnancy

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Boy vs. girl pregnancy

Is it just me or are Boy vs. girl pregancies totally different? This is my third pregnancy, I have two older boys. Their pregnancy was a breeze I was never sick, never had any pain or problems I just felt great. But now I'm pregnant with a girl and she is just killing me, I've been constantly sick I feel and look horrible and now this week the pubic pain has started, HOLY COW!!! Is it a girl thing??

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I have heard that about boy vs girl pregnancies - but personally it wasn't that way for me.

I have had 3 previous pregnancies, 2 boys and 1 girl and now this one (boy #3) and have never had morning sickness, no major issues and nothing that really made 3 of them any different from the other. The only thing that was different with my girl pregnancy was that my BP (which is normally high) was perfect throughout that pregnancy, but has always been higher with my boys (not crazy high, but it goes up a bit from my already high BP)

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Both of my previous pregnancies were totally different from each other and both were boys. Then this pregnancy is also completely different. Different cravings, different food/smell aversions, different pains, even much different baby movements. My first moved like he was turning somersaults in there, my second felt as if I had ingested a live squid, and this one kicks and punches like he or she is practicing ninjitsu. Every time DH and I watch a Kung Fu movie, the baby goes absolutely bonkers and starts flailing around. It is hilarious... sort of. It hurts. But it will be interesting to see whether this one is a boy or a girl and then I'll be able to make some sort of inference as to the difference. Smile