Cramping/sharp stabbing pains??

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Cramping/sharp stabbing pains??

I had a bit of a stressful day-drove about an hour and a half to visit my grandfather who had surgery. Also saw some other family, and overall I felt great all day...which is unusual for me bc I've been horribly sick my whole pregnancy. Well, tonight, after getting home, I start cramping some and then a HUGE wave of nausea hit me and I am occasionally getting stabbing pains in my belly now. Just a few ever so often-not constant and no bleeding or anything like that. If they continue through the night I will call my dr first thing in the morning, but do y'all think everything is ok? I did have a soda for the first time in weeks today, so I probably didn't drink as much water as I have been. Could this be the cause? (I needed the caffeine for all the driving tho.)

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I know that I definitely have cramps and sharp pains when I am dehydrated. I also get Braxton-Hicks for the same reason. But I am always nervous about pains and aches and would definitely recommend alerting your OB, especially if they continue. Drink plenty of water over the next day or so and see if it helps. I hope it works! KUP