Dental work

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Dental work

Anyone ever had to have dental work done while pregnant? I'm almost certain I have a bad cavity:/ we recently moved, so I'm not established with a dentist, and I'm a HORRIBLE patient--they've always had to give me a Valium and laughing gas to fill a cavity before because I am so difficult to get numb, so I have really horrible anxiety with the procedure.

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Oh no! I hate the going to the dentist! I have had to have a cavity filled while pregnant, but I don't know much about the effects of laughing gas/valium, etc. I'm on the other side of the spectrum and actually hate being numb more than anything (especially after I leave the dentist) so I usually have them numb me as little as possible to get me through it. I would assume that most, if not all dentists, are well educated on what would be safe for a pregnant woman though. So sorry! Having a cavity is the worst!

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You can have nitrous oxide not sure on the valium. I had a tooth pulled the week before I gave birth. It is definitely no fun have dental work done at any time, just remember that it will feel so much better after it is done.