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Thread: ER visit over the weekend.

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    Ugh no fun on the pain but I'm glad the bleeding has stopped!

    I'm still having issues with my thyroid-the dr wants it between .5 and 4.5. When they checked it when I first went in, it was at a 12, and last week it was still at 8! It's explain why I'm so crazy exhausted (I feel like I can't function half of the time) and why my weight gain has been a lot more than I would like it to be (dr says I'm just slightly ahead of schedule, so it's really not too bad, but definitely more so than I want it to be. My dr says baby should be fine because I'm being treated for it, so she should be getting what she needs, so I'm trying not to stress over it.

    I'm still having to take my anti nausea meds bc every time I stop it gets soooo bad! Maybe this means baby girl is going to have lots and lots of hair??
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    I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the thyroid. My mom has been dealing with hers for years, and I am very familiar with her symptoms of fatigue and weight gain and she was miserable too. I hope that the medicine continues to bring your levels down. Pregnancy is stressful enough without the extra medical worries. I have been keeping my nausea medicine handy as well. I thought that it was gone but recently in the past couple weeks it has crept back up and I never know when I will not be keeping a meal down. Ugh. Lol - lots of beautiful hair would certainly help compensate that's true
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