first prenatal appt

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first prenatal appt

tomorrow is my first appt and I'm taking a friend with me..I feel like I've never done this before and I'm scared to go alone lol maybe because it's a new office.. the Dr from my first 2 retired Sad also I've got all kinds of symptoms I didn't have with the first 2 .. my stomach muscles and the lower back muscles feel like I've been doing tons of sit ups, I feel shaky even after eating almost flu like, and my heart feels like its constantly racing .. anyone else experience any symptoms like this?

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Good luck. I can't remember what my symptoms were like with DS. Wise move to take a friend with you.

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With DS #2 I felt the muscle aches for sure, but the shakiness and the heart fluttering I didn't get. I hope they can give you some insight tomorrow. KUP. And GL at the first appt!