Food Rant! Grr...

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Food Rant! Grr...

Okay, I realize I'm probably going to open up a can of worms on this one... but it must be done... sigh.
I am soooooooo sick of hearing what I should and shouldn't be eating. I keep hearing don't eat sushi... don't eat lunch meat... don't eat soft cheeses, don't eat tuna, whitefish, don't eat those salt and vinegar chips that are screaming your name from the cupboard! Well ya know what... Women around the globe having been having babies for thousands of years... eating all kinds of God knows what. And still do. Call me a fatalistic-minded person, but I am not going on a diet of organic spinach and well done beef. I had brie on crackers for snack this morning. I am going out for sushi with Ying's parents for lunch today. I am. I am not going to cut out anything (except the alcohol of course - and even then I WILL have the occasional glass of wine during the later months). I am going to have a stress free pregnancy, and that means not scratching my eyes out from staring at foods that I "can't have". There. I feel better. And now I open the door for you to disagree or not lol, but I definitely needed to have that nice little scream Biggrin Thanks

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LMAOO!!!!! I totally understand. I was reading about that and technically you don't need to go on a all organic diet nor cut out food drastically. The man point is to not do drugs be an alcohol and to over eat your way into gestational diabetes. The thing to take into consideration with the whole raw meat thing is just to prevent any "germ" that normally wouldn't bother you but that would the baby especially early on. God forbid you get those food aversions'd probably died trying to supplement that with a "diet" lol. I would just say discuss it with your doctor your own personal route to get the most out of your intake and take your vitamins.

Side note: Don't worry you aren't the only one. My trainer told me I had to stay away from carbs to get a chiseled abs (post conception) I told him I'd rather die. Then a friend of mine who is also a trainer told me how to eat the carbs I like in better proportions and that worked just as well. So everything isn't for everybody.

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I ate with both my kids whatever I wanted. I took hot showers/baths. I slept on my tummy, back, sides, whatever was comfortable but mostly my tummy till around 7 months.

Funny you mention S&V chips...I still say that entire bag I ate the day I went into labor with #2 is what did it!