Human punching bag... >.<

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Human punching bag... >.<

So that's what I feel like at the moment. Every last square inch of my abdomen is bruised on the inside. This kid doesn't stop throwing elbows and knees around, ever. My 7 year old son has taken to calling it the "ninja baby". If you've ever seen the movie "Flubber" - that's what my belly looks like at any given moment - bouncing and contorting and stretching. I just want to hand the baby his or her eviction notice. Time to join us on the outside child. My goodness... how am I going to make it seven more weeks.

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I keep wondering how on earth I'm gonna make it to 40 weeks. I am SO miserable right now!:( don't get me wrong-I'm so so so thankful to be pregnant, but I'm just horribly uncomfortable. My belly is HUGE (I'm a good 5 pounds or more ahead of where I was at this stage in my last pregnancy) and I'm having so much back discomfort. I wake up about very hour and have to switch sides I'm sleeping on. And yes, baby girl is quite the mover and shaker! I can literally see body parts trying to like out of my belly and scrape all the way across !

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