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I'm Kristin, mom to 3 boys age 5.5, 3.5 and 16 months. I have been on these boards for a number of years. I am actually due April 25th but all 3 of my pregnancies have gone late, so it's certainly possible this little one will be born in early May. I am hoping to have a home birth for this baby, my 3rd was also born at home. I am under the care of midwives right now and assuming everything is healthy we should be fine. Looking forward to getting to know you guys more. I didn't want to post too much before I told our families about the pregnancies as these boards are public.

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Welcome!! Glad you're here! We have kids that are similar in age, too! My DD is a month away from turning 6 and my DS is 15 months:)

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Hey Kristen! Welcome! Biggrin