It's never fun to be sick...

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It's never fun to be sick...

But it's especially miserable when you're preggo and trying to avoid taking extra medications. Our whole family has been struggling with cold/Sinus/upper respiratory stuff for the past few weeks, and it looks like it's my turn now. Prayers appreciated for it to pass soon! I have borrowed a diffuser from a friend and have lots of wonderful essential oils going this evening. Hoping I can breathe again soon!

For a funny side note...and possibly a little TMI: anyone else having "issues" when you sneeze or cough? I feel like an old woman who needs to get her bladder tacked up or something! Lol. I don't remember have this problem with my first...

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Hope it passes soon for you! And hope you can get lots of rest, that's what I try to do when I am sick.

My family was sick all last week Sad First my oldest got sick (The day of my sister's wedding that we were all a part of) Luckily he stopped throwing up by the time the wedding went on. Then Tuesday my husband got it, Wednesday my middle son got it, Friday my youngest got it and Saturday I got it. I got it the worst out of anyone, couldn't keep anything at all down including water for 12 hours! I was so weak and exhausted. I am so glad that I got over it because it was awful. I hope that is the end of sickness for my family this summer, but I have my doubts Sad

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Oh I hope you feel better soon! That's miserable >.

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Yep we've been sick around here too! I've had the upper-respiratory stuff and my son started throwing up few days ago. Oh boy, cleaning up throw up should be outlawed for pregnant women. Hope you get better soon!

And I piddle when I sneeze/cough too! Haha. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one! I had forgotten that lovely addition to pregnancy.