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Just Foul

So, for the past couple weeks I have been blowing up the place with my gas. Not the normal funny squeaky or raspberry sounding farts, but an insidious, green, eyes-watering, acidic, biohazard coming from my bum. This... never... happens... to... me... Sure I get the little toots here and there, and occasionally they don't smell like roses, but never has it been like this. I didn't even get this with my first two. I totally lit the place up right before we left for work today and I acted like nothing happened and DH is standing there in the kitchen blinking at the back of my head as I left. I feel bad. Not really. But still, it needs to stop. I get so sick of walking it from room to room to try to dissipate it and trying to even the air quality out a bit. I even took to singing loudly in the shower to try to mask the sound - even though the smell just gets me worse because with the hot water it becomes like boiled farts. Don't try to imagine this. It is truly as bad as it sounds. I hope nobody else is dealing with this particular issue.

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What a visual! Yeah, I've been a bit gassier than normal and some of them have been putrid. I feel your pain Smile

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Isn't it funny how each pregnancy is soooo differently! I've not had issues like that thank goodness although when I first found out I was pg my DH was having that issue. I told him one night if he farted again and woke me up gagging I was going to be forced to have to suffocate him! It was BBBBBAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!! Thankfully a gas x took care of his issues!

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I actually have had major gas issues this go around, too. DH just stares at me and says "um, wow." So not like me!

I think the moody-ness has really hit me, too. Not trying to make excuses for bad behavior, but I just feel so awful and I'm so exhausted, so the combo is starting to take its toll on me a bit. It's all worth it of course, but today was just one of those days where I didn't handle it well:/

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oh the glamorous stuff that happens during pregnancy. I never pass gas with DH around, except while pregnant (by accident). 2x while on my last trimester DH and I where play wrestling and I passed gas :rolleyes: He understood, I was huge and obviously couldn't stop it. You'll be fine Smile