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Went to my OB on Monday and had an u/s. Baby was doing great, right on track and a nice hb of 144. Went to the high risk Dr yesterday and baby measures spot on by there was no hb detected so it looks like I am loosing this little one. My boys are going to be devastated! I do not know if we will try for another or not just yet. I'm still very much in shock and numb. I will be seeing my regular ob on monday to see what he thinks.

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((((((Hugs)))))))) I am so so sorry girl. While we have experienced a lot of heartache with conceiving, I have never experienced a miscarriage, so I can't imagine what you're feeling right now. Thoughts and prayers for you...

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So sorry Sad

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So sorry :bighug: I have been there and understand how hard it is.

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Oh no! I have tears in my eyes. This has been a very sad week. I pray that your boys will handle this well and that they would be your source of strength and comfort as mine were to me a few years back. And if you do decide to try again sometime I wish you the best. *hugs* Take care of youself mama, and that beautiful family.