my first midwife!

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my first midwife!

What should I know? Ive only read up on midwives and the process. my first i went through the traditional pregnancy and labor.

Any suggestions on what I should I ask or what I should be looking for? Id really like to enjoy this time around more and be in tune with the whole process. My first is a blurr!

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I defintely recommend a midwife. I had used doctors for my first two babies and then went to a midwife at the hopsital for the next three and then my last baby I had at home with the the sweetest midwifes.

Midwifes take the time to get to know you and your family. They see pregnancy a bit different than the doctors do.

First, when you are interviewing to find a midwife that you should ask them what their pain medication options are. I only say that because for the most part they really try to advocate for a natural delivery. I will tell you that I had an epi with my first and stadol with my second and then the last four were all natural and I will not go back to having an epi or any other drugs again. Natural is the way to go for me. So, if you are planning on wanting to use any pain med's during delivery, ask your midwife how and what she feels about that.

Midwives are wonderful. You aren't just some paitent who you come in, you get a quick check and we'll see you again in a month. They really become your friend during your pregnancy.

I can't think of any other questions to ask, but I'm so glad to see that you've read up on midwives and are searching one out! I truly believe you won't regret your decision.

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If our medical insurance covers it, I'm seriously interested in a midwife too. My first was delivered by a midwife and I really loved that experience.