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Finally we have all of our crap out of the horrible apartment and into our beautiful new home. This has been such a blessing I am just amazed by all of it. The move was incredibly smooth, even with all of us getting sick for a few days right in the middle of it all. We had our first dinner/movie night last night, just hubby and I, and he puts his arm around me and says "You know, this is a dream come true for me. Marrying a woman like you, finding this house, having a baby together, and having the two boys in my life. It's a dream come true. I couldn't have asked for more." I just melted. Almost started crying lol, due to those quick-cry pregnancy hormones. Smile There are so many things going on with our lives and so many hardships we are going through and have been through already. I could list off everything that is going wrong in our lives and it will sound like we are at rock bottom. But when you put things into perspective like that and really just sift out what's truly important in life, you really start to see it. I needed that little moment to really bring it around for me. We are truly blessed.

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Beautiful! Love this!

And so happy for you and y'all getting to move into your first home!!