Sono day!!

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Sono day!!

We had our big sono today and just as my daughter has said all along, there's a baby sister in momma's belly!! Dr said baby looked perfect! Heart rate was 144 bpm and baby was measuring 20 weeks 4 days (I will be 20 weeks on wednesday.) I was measuring a few days early at my first sono as well, but not enough for them to change my due date, so baby girl is still due right after Easter. We did a "cupcake" reveal for the kids and Lucy was of course THRILLEDA to find pink. Gabriel had no clue what was going on (he's 17 months old) but was absolutely loving his cupcake:). We feel so blessed and so thankful!!

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Congrats on a baby girl! I am excited to go to my scan on Monday but I am going to try and stay strong and leave the gender a surprise Smile