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So right on the mark, my breasts have been feeling like they've been tenderized with a mallet. Also grown a bit in size too. Dunno what I'm going to do since I have long since gotten rid of my maternity bras. Probably going to have to make a shopping trip this week.

Also - and this is the crazy part - my mid section has puffed out a bit... ALREADY! What? I am only 5 weeks-ish. This didn't happen till about two months with my second, and not till way later with my first. I know that the body experiences things a little faster during subsequent pregnancies but wow. I won't have a choice with telling people this time around. I wanted to wait until week 10-12 to tell people. You know, after I hit a sort of landmark safety point. I went with DH and some friends to the zoo yesterday and I had to wear a dress because I could not fit my jeans comfortably, but in the dress it was STILL obvious. Wow. I'm kind of in shock. And so was DH lol. He kept looking down, grinning and patting it when he thought no one was looking. I told him to stop it or they would surely see at some point, but he was so excited and giddy I couldn't help but let him and just laugh.

Aaaand, of course with the other signs and symptoms, along came the cravings and morning sickness this week as well. So, even with the bit of spotting/bleeding, I am feeling pretty encouraged by all of these changes. To me this means that the pregnancy is progressing, definitely not slowing down. Staying positive!