Told my supervisor today

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Told my supervisor today

I told my supervisor today. She's not a baby person, but she was pleasant about it. Later in the day she asked me what my plans are after baby - meaning I am going to quit? She said she wouldn't want to lose me (I was promoted in Feb after only being at this office for 6 months and she mentioned that my latest review was the best review she has ever written)
The answer is yes, I plan on being a sahm. but I did not want to tell her that with 6 months left to go, so I gave the noncommittal answer that I hadn't given it much thought.
How and when do you think is best to tell them that I won't be returning?

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That would depend on if you are 100% sure, and how long it would take to find and train a replacement, like would you be doing the training?

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Technically they aren't supposed to ask you that I don't think?

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"W4lucy" wrote:

Technically they aren't supposed to ask you that I don't think?

This is correct. They cannot ask you if you are planning on leaving. I think it really depends on how you feel they would react to it. I know that when I was pregnant with my first, I told my supervisor a little too early that after the baby was born I wouldn't be there anymore, and they promptly started dropping my hours and finding replacements (all with the guise of - oh - we are trying to cut hours because of budgeting - yeah right!). Mistake and lesson learned. If you think they are going to be petty about it, then I would wait and give the required 2 weeks notice, or even a month when you are planning on starting SAHMommyhood. But I guess it depends on what kind of relationship you and your supervisor have. If she isn't the type to cut hours then it may be okay to clue her in a little earlier. I would definitely wait for a bit longer though.

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Yeah I don't think they are supposed to ask it.
I really don't have to worry about hours cut, etc as I work for state government. Everyone that is not a senior manager works 40 hour weeks no matter what. And they won't post the position until I'm gone - it typically takes 3 months from the time a person leaves to hiring a newbie, so I won't be training anyone, except perhaps the people at the level under me that don't know one specific part of my job - the people at my same level know that portion but don't do it regularly.
I'm thinking that I'll give a heads up at about a month before due date.