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Thread: VBAC

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    Thanks so much for the support and encouragement, ladies! I really appreciate it!

    I had my first appt with my OB (last week was just a sono and visit with an RN to give medical history) and it went SO well! He has a great bedside manner, wonderful staff of nurses, and he was very supportive of my hopes for a vbac. But I especially loved this-he said, just know this: you are never tied down to anything. Lets say you do get to have a vbac and you're 4cm and everything is going great but you decide you would rather do a c/s--then that's what we are going to do. I'm here to carry out what YOU want to do as long as you and your baby are safe. But never feel like anything is set in stone.

    He also told me to call about anything-even a hangnail
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    He sounds like a keeper!! Glad your appt went well and it's looking hopeful for a vbac!

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    So glad your apt went so well and your OB is so understanding! That's such a wonderful feeling to know that the person who has so much in their hands is on your side, not fighting you the whole way. I am so happy to hear that and it must be a relieving feeling for you.
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    I'm so sorry you gals have had bad experiences with your c-sections and with the feedback after birth.

    I wanted to chime in because I had an emergency c-section with DD1 at 37 weeks because of placenta degradation which caused 4cm of amniotic fluid and low oxygen. I too felt like less of a woman because of it but no one purposely made me feel that way.

    With DD2 I had a repeat c-section because they were only 22 months apart.

    This time we're planning a home birth after c-section with our midwife...really really hoping this goes well. It'll be 5 years by the time this LO is born. And I had no complications with my pregnancy with DD2 so...my midwife thinks this one should go well.

    I just want y'all to know you can do it! We can all do it! But I must agree that whatever is best for the baby is what is always best!
    *Hugs* to all of you and GL.
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