VERY cautiously Joining In :) (MC MENTIONED)

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VERY cautiously Joining In :) (MC MENTIONED)

Hi Everyone!

I've been stalking / lurking :Whistle:around for the last week, & want to CAUTIOUSLY join in!!

After 7 miscarriages, I was SO HAPPY TO BE a member of the June 2008 board with my DD, but after the changes at, my account was deleted! Sad Fast forward to 2013... I got a SURPRISE BFP in January... everything was great, my numbers were great, the baby looked great, but then in March, we moved, I got a new OB, then...I had miscarriage #8!!

SO, last week I got a BLARING BFP!! :jumpingbeans: Needless to say, besides being shocked, I am BEYOND nervous / scared! I went last Friday for a beta, and got the number of 700 today (next number will be ready tomorrow).

While we were there for blood work today, the doctor went ahead and did a Sono, & didn't see a WHOLE lot. He did see a sac (BUT IT LOOKED TINY TO ME... BUT I'M NOT A DR!! Smile he said that was "ok." I've only met this OB once (when I had the D&C), so I don't know how to read him!! He said he thought I was around 6 weeks & hopes that next week we'll see a little more! Smile

The STRANGE thing was that when we were about to leave he said that I was leaving under "ectopic warning" (LITERALLY HE DID AIR QUOTES!!!). He acted like that was just A-OK?!??!?? I don't know AT ALL what to think about that!! Has anyone had that happen before??

Nervous about U/S #2 next Tuesday, in the mean time, I'm on my FAVORITE lovenox shots, promethium pills, & hoping for a sticky bean!!

I'm excited to get to know all of you!!

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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Not sure about the ectopic thing, seems strange.

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Welcome and I pray your bean sticks!

I would be a little uneasy about that Dr myself. I would probably give him another meeting but with extreme caution. Are there more in the practice? Maybe change to one of them or find a new one all together.

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Scootncosocmama - First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
Honestly, I feel the same way!!! DH and I have been FREAKING out all day! We've had so many problems with pregnancies, I just can't imagine why someone would scare us like that... other than CYA, you know??

I have an appointment with the RE on Monday... I'm hoping the RE will shed some light.

There are definitely other practices in the DC area, but we were lead to this Dr from the ER in my last MC (we had NO frame of reference). I don't know anyone to tell me a GREAT OB. Sad My OB in Alabama was the VERY VERY VERY BEST. I feel like I have a skewed vision because of the AMAZING care I've received in the past 8 years.

Am I being too over bearing???

Is there anyone in the DC area with a great OB?

Thank you!!

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First off I want to say welcome and I am so glad you popped out of lurk mode! I can't wait to get to know you better! I am sending lots of sticky-bean vibes your way!!!

Also, I do live in the DC/Baltimore area and I actually go to an OB closer to DC than I actually live. I will sent you a pm with her name and info. She is WONDERFUL. She delivered my niece and I have known her for about 5 years now. I agree that the first thing I felt when reading your post was bad vibes from your description of how your current OB was behaving. That doesn't sound right to me. I feel that I need to be 100% comfortable with my OB in order to be able to share the experience of pregnancy and the intimate nature of the process with her (or him in your case). If he makes you and/or DH uncomfortable then I would definitely consider looking around. It I still very early yet and you have time to do a little bit of browsing.

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THANK YOU, KATIE!!! I truly appreciate it!:bighug:

It just STINKS!! We had the BEST of the BEST of OB's in Alabama, so of course I have very high standards! (as we all should!)

When this OB in DC did my D&C in March, we liked him, a lot. He was so attentive & caring. But yesterday was just crazy (NOT to mention that when I went in on Friday for Blood work, the first nurse blew 3 veins, and we had to wait 2 hours for another nurse to even show up??), I understand that doctors have to be very careful, but he really scared the MESS out of me!

I was reading a post yesterday, that said that sometimes doctors don't do "great" ultrasounds; I keep praying that he's just not good at U/S machines, you know what I mean? I just know there should have been SOMETHING... Of course I don't want to have false hope... I'm so tired of having my hopes way up, just to be crushed... but at this point, I'm SCARED!

We are not telling anyone about this pregnancy, and I just need people to talk to! I'm so grateful that (even though it's not crazy busy like it used to) I have a place to vent and just be able to talk about it!!!!

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I know how you feel. The OB who delivered my first two was amazing. I loved her!! When we moved to Texas I had to find a new GYN when I found a lump and with little time to spare I had to pretty much pick whoever could take me. I didn't know anyone so I took to the internet and read reviews. None of them stuck out really so that didn't seem to be much help so I took who I could get. My first visit was uneasy. First it was a man. I have only ever saw a woman so that was rather uncomfortable. And he has a few other very odd quirks about him that seemed strange. He ended up being not so bad after-all. Hang in there, maybe he was having a bad day (no excuse though) or maybe he isn't all that good with u/s or maybe he is trying to prepare you but doesn't have the greatest bedside manors in situations like that.

I'm going crazy myself. My husband and I are the only ones who knows we are expecting. My old OB always saw her patients at 6 weeks so we called today to get an appt for sometimes next week and was told he doesn't see patients till 8 weeks. I was looking forward to getting that "everything looks good" and an u/s picture showing a little blob so we can tell our kids and family. But now our appt isn't for another 3 weeks and because our kids are old enough to understand, we are not telling anyone. It is driving me crazy!!!!!! We have considered telling my mom and my BFF but the plan is to tell the kids and get their reaction on video and send it out as our announcement. The boys are 5 and 7 and have been begging for a baby for a long time. I think it will be so fun telling everyone that way. But in the mean time its killing me!

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what a weird thing to say! I haven't gotten that wording from a doc, but I have been told in the past "we couldn't find your ovary on the u/s so we can't rule out an ectopic." once it was my right ovary and once my left. I guess sometimes they're hard to spot.
And it is possible to have heterotopic twins (one intrauterine, one ectopic). My sister unfortunately lost a pair last year.

Good luck. I hope you find a better doctor and that all he meant was he couldn't see enough to rule out an ectopic, not that he saw something that looked like one! And I'll be sending sticky baby and good u/s vibes.

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Thinking about you. How are you, any updates?