Week is starting out well

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Week is starting out well

This is officially the first morning I have not felt sick to my stomach in two months! Maybe the morning sickness is starting to taper down a bit! Yay! I am still hungry when I wake up and I get the stomach growlies but it's not sicky. Smile Sooooo relieved! Also the soreness from my boobs is going down a bit.
How has everyone been doing this week so far? Any changes, or new symptoms? It's been quiet here over the past few days so I'm just wanting to check in with everyone and see how we are all doin. Smile

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Ahhh my last week has been crazy. I am high risk so I have had Dr appts like crazy. On the positive we get to see our little one often. On the negative they changed my EDD so I feel like I am repeating week 7 again...blah!! So technically I could easily have a May baby. I am now due 5/10 and if they let me go to week 39 baby will arrive in early May. I still do not think I will make it that long though so I'm sticking with an April baby. My oldest was born at 38 and my second came on his own at week 37.

But to answer your question... fatigue is seriously kicking my rear! I've had little bouts of nausea here and there but nothing extreme. My boobs are not quite as painful thankfully. We have made our official announcement and we are very excited now. My boys are most excited! They are praying very hard for a sister!

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double post

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My week has been good. I had my nt screen on Monday so I got to see baby again! the nt measurement was good, and we'll get the full results sometime next week. We started to announce to more friends and extended family this week as well.

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Still dealing with all day nausea over here. Some days are much worse than others-today being one of them:/ same thing happened last Thursday tho and I'm pretty sure it's because our Wednesday schedule is just so crazy and my body is worn out come Thursday. For lunch today I made egg noodles covered in balsamic vinegar. Bahahaha! How gross does that sound?! I told my DH, just in case there was any doubt, it's official that I'm still pregnant after eating that:)

Lots of exhaustion here, too. But second trimester is right around the corner:)