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    Yeah, I think baby's still has plenty of room but my LO's kicks have been getting more defined over the last week or so. Anyone else feeling that too? I especially feel her when I have DS on my lap (resting his back against my belly.) She'll usually kick him right in the back. Here we go with sibling rivalry already.

    As far as the names go.....I still really love Clara, but there has been a little problem arise. DH's sister is due on 12/19/13 and we just found out that she is naming her little girl Kara. If they were 10 years apart then it wouldn't bother me that much, but since they will only be 4 months apart, we don't want ours to have a name so close. We have be tossing around the name Hanna Rae and I think I might even like it a little bit more than Clara, so it might be okay after all.


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    I'm definitely feeling stronger kicks! Sometimes I get those big huge out if the blue ones that make you jump! DH has gotten to feel her kick a few times, but my daughter hasn't gotten to yet. I'm sure it will be soon tho!

    That stinks about the name. When I was pg with dd, both me and my cousin somehow picked the same (very obscure!) name of Selah. We were leaning more towards Lucy anyway, but what are the odds of us both picking such an uncommon name?!
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