What's in a name?

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What's in a name?

Curious who all is discussing names and what the main factors are for y'all in choosing a name. For us: most important is what the name means. Lucy has truly lived up to her name of being a light bringer from the moment she entered a very dark point in our world, so from then on we knew we wanted each of our children to have a special meaning behind their names. Gabriel's name means my God is my might, and the Lord certainly has shown his Mighty power in his life from coming to be, and coming to be a part of our family. Such a blessing and display of His splendor! Both of our kids also have a part of our names incorporated with them. So those are all if the factors we are looking at for baby mustard seed's name. How about y'all

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I love that you are big into the meaning of names as well. I think it is very important. It's not just how the name sounds, it is the meaning that you are gifting to your baby as well. For my DH and I it is important to us that our baby be given a name from each of our heritages. He is from Taiwan so one of the baby's names will be Chinese and my family is Irish so one will be Gaelic/Irish. We will be picking out a name for a boy and a girl since we won't know until delivery what we are having. Smile But as of yet, we haven't completely narrowed down our names ideas yet. We love these names though... For a boy: Declan (Irish - meaning man of goodness), Jian (Chinese - meaning strength), and Shan (Chinese - meaning mountain). And for a girl: Aine (Irish - meaning radiance), Xiaolien (Chinese - meaning little lotus), and Lian (Chinese - meaning willow tree).

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Wow! I think it's awesome that you both are looking for names with special meanings. We've never been very focused on the meanings, but we do like to have one of their names be from our families. DD is "Mason Fred" because we both liked Mason and Fred is the name of my grandfather and the middle name of my DH's grandfather. So far, thinking of girls names has been tough enough so we're just trying to find one that we both like! That has proven quite the challenge. Right now, we're thinking Hanna Rae (Rae is my mother-in-law's middle name.) Good luck with the name search!