When did I concieve? IS THIS RIGHT??

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When did I concieve? IS THIS RIGHT??

I have been given two different due dates in the beginning of my pregnancy. Both of my ultrasounds were performed in my first trimester as dating ultrasound because I was unsure of LMP and I'm usually pretty irregular.

I had sex with #1 on June 8-9 and sometime in late June I remember getting a period.
I never had sex with that person again. Only my boyfriend from that point on. I found out I was pregnant late August and the first doctor I went to was at a free clinic and they gave me a Due date of April 21st but a few weeks later at my actual OB they gave me a due date of April 15th....
When did I conceive? Is #1 even a possibility??:(

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According to the due date calculator I used (medcalc) for the due date of April 15, conception occurred around July 23rd.