When/how did/will you announce

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When/how did/will you announce

to family and friends?

With DS1 we told my mom first and then grandmother, brothers, dad then everyone else pretty much immediately.

With DS2 we told DHs parents because they happened to be in town when we found out and wanted to tell them in person unlike with DS1 when we called to tell them we were getting married and oh btw we are expecting...ha. Then we called my mom and told her then everyone else within the first week or so.

With this one we have decided we want to wait. My mom is staying with us while she is on assignment locally but all of our other family lives at least 4 hours away. We are going to try hard to keep it from my mom as long as we can but I've already been pretty much nothing but sick and her being a nurse, she will pick up on it soon I'm sure. I'm thinking if we can wait till grandparents day to tell her and then possibly halloween for everyone else.

Now to come up with a creative, fun way to tell everyone.

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I wish I could have had that kind of time. I wanted so badly to come up with a neat way of announcing it, but unfortunately I am soooooo so obviously showing (and have been for about 2 weeks now) that everyone I come across already knows. Lol! I never "popped" this early before! So we were kind of rushing around telling family and close friends before they heard it through the grapevine from someone who had already seen the belly haha! Oh well! Still fun. Smile

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Well I already told my sister, ds, and bff but as far as everyone else they can wait. I want it to be more of a intimate thing for us. My last pregnancy I was younger and now with a little bit more experience with my first baby, it just makes things that much more special.

My job I'm thinking 4 mo mark, and even then it will be my superiors for FMLA purposes....I'll let my employees figure it out on their own. lol I'm sure I'll be big as a house in no time. Dirol

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Well, we told a friend very early because we had already made plans to go to a theme park with her and I had to tell her that I couldn't do the rides. But she knew about our issues and is a doc as well so she knew to keep it quiet. I also told my mom because she directly asked whether we had decided to see a RE or have infertility testing done. Then I told my best friend because I just wanted to. And now I think we'll have to tell another friend because she's visiting our touristy town and wants to do a theme park with us - we made plans well before we found out. We want to tell DH's family, but they tend to gossip and get really excited, so we will likely wait until week 9 or 10 when the mc chances drop significantly. We'll tell the rest of my family and our close friends at that time as well.

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Ahhh I typed a long response & it got eaten! We will wait until mid Oct around 12-14 weeks to do a Facebook/general announcement but will have to tell our close friends at the end of Sept b/c we planned a big adult only trip to the mtns & of course I won't be drinking. We told my mom, GMA & sister but will wait until later to tell DH's family. Smile

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I'm in such denial that I can't imagine how I'll tell anybody. My family and I are in the middle of a huge move and career change, and it's just the wrong time to be pregnant. It's all so surreal.
So, I told my husbands mother, but that's because she was here and I needed to talk to someone. I don't know when I'll tell anybody else.

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We were SHOCKED to find out we were expecting. After around 4 years of trying, we just didn't think it was going to happen. We are so excited tho so we just couldn't keep it a secret very long:) we called my mom immediately and told her, but it was at night and she was asleep. I got a text from her the next morning, "did I dream all that up or did you tell me some really exciting news last night?!" Lol:) our daughter was spending the weekend with her grandparents that week, so when we went to pick her up we bought a big sister and a big brother shirt to give to the kids in front if DHs parents and we recorded the response. It was so funny because NOBODY got it for the longest, but when it clicked it was so awesome to see their reactions! Our son is obviously too little to understand (he's 14 months), but our daughter has been praying faithfully for a baby sister for a year. She has even gone as far as TELLING ppl that her momma HS a baby in her belly! (We've had a few talks about that.) she was so adamant on it tho, and she's said multiple times since finding out how she "just can't believe God answered my prayer! I'm so excited about the baby!" After 6 weeks when we heard the hb and saw our baby we posted the video on fb along with a blogpost. So, the cat is totally out if the bag for us:)