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I'm so glad to see people are posting here! I checked it a few times when DD was first born but it was dead dead dead. I guess no introduction is needed since I already know all 3 of you ;).

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I'm still around too but have only been checking in about once a week...

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ROFL I didn't even realize this board existed for the longest! It wasn't till way after Aiden was born that I found it.

Hi Connie! Smile

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Mara!! You're sharing a BB with my SIL (MommyD)! You should encourage her to venture out beyond June 2012 to the NCB/CD/BF boards!

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See, I don't come here enough either, since it's usually so slow!

Ah, Erin, will do what I can! Doesn't seem like she's on too much so far...

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I want to start hanging out here, too Smile

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I'm happy to see the board moving again!! All of my little AP things that used to be in my siggy aren't valid but I WAS a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth-diapering mom. Smile