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I wanted to ask permission to make a few semi-dramatic changes, as I do not want to step on any toes.

1. Does anyone mind if I merge the "our special days" and "introduction" threads?

2. Does anyone mind if I remove the "sling" thread? I briefly scrolled through - our Baby-wearing board is amazing these days and it seems like all of the most current information and conversations regarding slings have moved over to that arena.

3. Does anyone mind if I remove the discipline thread? We could also try to get it rolling again as well. The last post there was over 5 years ago!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know via note here or PM suggestions of anything you can think of to make this board a more welcoming and usable space.

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I know on other sites there is usually a general FAQ AP stickied thread (I guess that's the current welcome thread that I never noticed before??). That would be a good place to say link over to the BWing board for more wearing information. BWing and AP go hand and hand, so I'm sure there will be plenty of APers over there (as you know). Also a FAQ thread is a good place just to link to other general information for those wanting to know more about AP and if it's for them.

I am of the thought that if it's old and not getting any new attention for well over a year (not even a FAQ getting updated), it's time to let the sticky go.

Okay, read through part of the sling thread. Wow, it's amazing how much BWing has changed over the years! There are soooo many new carriers out there now that didn't exist back then!

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Yep, I think the sling stuff should move, and as for the special days thread... do ANY of those posters still post here/on I mean...the last update there was 5 years ago... Even the introductions... at some point, isn't it time to sort of start over? Maybe I'm the one being callous, but, this board has been dead for a long time (I felt like I was almost the only one posting, and getting a few responses now and then for a while there!)- I say clean start!

I do think a sticky that has a "what is AP?" kind of feel would be good.

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I agree with Mara 100%. Out with old and in with the new!