Note from the Universe

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Note from the Universe

Do any of you get Notes from the Universe?

I got one the other day- I think the same day that I threw the diaper- that said this:

The presumption, Mara, at all times and under all circumstances, should always be that you are good enough, worthy enough, and lovable enough. And that you are exactly the right kind of person, in the right place, at the right time. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been instilled with such dreams in the first place.

Love you,
The Universe

I don't know where you all stand when it comes to the whole higher power thing, but, I really appreciated this message. I do believe that in some way, shape or form, Beni and I chose each other for this life... so it's good to remember that she and I are both exactly who we need to be, and that maybe there is even room for growth for both of us on this path. Smile

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Never heard of that, but what a great message to get at a much needed time! Smile