Welcome your new host!

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Welcome your new host!

Please join me in welcoming your new host -- Jasmine (sweetsriracha!)

Together with your help I'm certain that we can see this board grow and thrive! Be certain to let her know your ideas and suggestions!


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WOOT! Welcome! You are going to be a great hostess!!! Smile

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Thank you ladies! I'll start getting to work reviewing the current stickied resources.

I wanted to extend a special welcome to some of our attachment parenting "graduates" - those of you who had previously been more active and your children have now outgrown extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and baby-wearing. Your feedback is so valuable to those of us new AP Moms, so please join us!

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Yay Jasmine! Smile

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Yay! Would love to see some more action on this board! Smile

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Thank you, ladies! Please feel free (and encouraged!) to give me LOTS of suggestions as to how I can improve our community!