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I'm sorry I've been MIA! I've started working full time. I usually love my new job. I feel challenged and fulfilled and like I have room for growth. BUT....

how do those of you working, AP Mamas deal with the guilt? What has been your experience balancing AP and working full-time (or part-time, or just leaving for a few hours...)


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When I first started reading about AP when I was pregnant I couldn't see it jiving with being a working mom. I've been back in grad school full time since DD was 11 weeks old. It was HARD at first but it gets easier. It was especially hard to feel like I was doing the right thing because I was still suffering from new mommy brain (still am, its just not as bad ;)) and therefore not doing a really good job at being a grad student. I felt like I wasn't being a very good mom dumping my baby at daycare and I wasn't being a very good student so why was I doing it at all? I don't feel like that anymore. DD is older so she really does enjoy daycare, I don't have to deal with pumping anymore (so stressful because DD hated the damn bottle), and my brain is back to functioning at 85% capacity so I really enjoy what I'm doing again. It really helps that I try to make my weekends all about family. We get out and do something as a family at least once per weekend and we always sit down and eat together (seems like small stuff but its not). Certain aspects of AP have helped me deal with the guilt and others have piled it on. We're still nursing and I cherish that session right after I pick her up that lets us reconnect. I feel like AP makes our connection stronger and therefore makes the time we're together more valuable. Co-sleeping, night nursing, and refusing to let her CIO have made being a working mom more challenging because it lends to less sleep but, ultimately, looking back I wouldn't change a thing. DD now STTN most nights and we reconnect and relax with a early morning nurse to start our day. We're also really lucky to have a fantastic daycare that makes me feel very comfortable leaving her there. I don't think I'd be happy to leave her anywhere else.

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I work outside the home three days a week and from home two days, so full time job, away from my kids part-time. I focus on the fact that #1 my kids LOVE daycare and their teachers, hanging out with other kids and different toys #2 that once we pay off some of our debt I do plan on staying home until they are in school and then hoping to find a job that's "mom's" hours. I wish that was now, but it's looking like a possibility for next year I hope!

Like Erin, I also focus on the fact that the weekends are all about having fun and reconnecting with the kids and DH. We also have a lot of fun on the days I work from home. It's also why I don't get enough sleep either! I try to be focused on them all the time when we are together too.