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    Hi! I am Jessica I am married to my dh Todd. We have 2 sons, Joseph who is 3 and Trent who is 4.5mos old. I have recently been introduced to the term AP. I never knew that is what we were...I just thought it was good parenting. We believe that if you listen to your child and assist them with their needs they will be happier. I only bf'ed both ds's for 2wks...regretfully. I was unable to wear Joseph much he was a very large baby and was very independant. He never needed to co-sleep much since he slept through the night from 3wks on. We rocked him or layed with him everynight until he fell asleep until he was 2...and still let him in our bed or lay with him in his bed (whichever he desires) when he needs us. I cloth diapered joseph...but use sposies with Trent.
    Trent is a much needier baby and I wear him on occasion, co-sleep when he wants (he definately lets me know).
    Dh and I have some different values between us on raising kids which causes a rift in things...I don't believe much in spanking, I strongly believe in child led toilet-teaching, and really identifying between my 3yo's *needs* and *wants*....I fulfill all of his needs but not his "wants"...such as I want to eat cake for lunch. DH fulfills needs and wants and beleives a spank is sometimes necessary. We make it work and do the best we can. I know we can do better and each day we strive to. I strongly believe that it is important to raise our children as happy, secure, loved individuals.
    I am glad to have found this board and hope to get to know you all better

    I am in a bit of a rush and will post pics soon I promise
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    Hi, I'm Brandi (24) married to Matt who is ADAF. I'm new to the world of ap. I started my parenting journey very much traditional but found that all it was doing was making me a stressed out, frustrated mom with a stressed our, frustrated daughter. Now that I have made some changes things are running much more smoothly now. I baby wear in a variety of carriers, I have one in the car, in the house and one that stays in the stroller. I'm breastfeeding Bethany and we kind of co sleep-if she wakes at night to eat I just latch her on and go back to sleep. I listen to the cue's the girls send me and have found our house is full of harmony now, it's quite amazing when I think about it.

    Here are some pics of Ainsley



    the most recent pic of me, now my hair is chopped off


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    Hi, I'm Bridget (31) and I just wandered my way onto this board. I'm not very crunchy (what's the opposite? smooth? ) but I guess I am AP. "I have a little shadow / who goes in and out with me" (Sean, 10 months old) and he is working on sleeping without CIO... right now in fact.

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    Default INTRO

    Left this forum as no longer consider myself AP in the non-punitive discipline sense. But I do in the homeschooling, co-sleeping, etc.
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    Hi everyone! It's so great to see some new faces here :P

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    I am Laurie

    This is my dh, Luc

    We are proud AP parents to Elissa (2 and 5 months), it is a silly pic, but it is the most recent

    We found AP out honestly be accident, Elissa was a high needs baby and our doctor recommended us to Dr. Sears books. We breastfed on demand until she self-weaned at 7 months, we co-sleep, we believe in gentle discipline and responding to her cues. Elissa nd I have a very special bond, she is my velcro baby, and her and dh are becoming mor and more conected everyday!

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    Welcome you guys! :waveshello:

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    Hello everyone! I'm Melissa (26) Married for 6 years and have a 6 yr old son, Nevin. We are currently TTC # 2. Let me start out by saying what adorable kids you all have!! We AP with DS a little. At that time I had never heard of AP. We did co-sleeping (still do..lol), breastfed for only 4 weeks , didnt have a sling...so let's just say we did co-sleeping...LOL. I think that from what I've heard and read that AP is the best way to go. We are definitly going to do that with the next one. I'm not sure how to upload pictues to a post or message board yet. I'l try to figure it out though. But until then there is a pic of my little boy in my sig. I'ts nice to meet everyone!

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    Little late on this maybe? But I wanted to post an intro so no one was wondering who the heck I was when I started posting! LOL!
    My name is KD and I just turned 27. I am the lucky mama to two great kids- Haylee (soon to be nine) and Carter (My 3yo dare devil).
    I guess my laundry list would be: BFing and EBFing, co-sleeping, baby & toddler wearing, gentle parenting, home schooling (more like unschooling) and cloth diapering (well not any longer - we have a big boy now! LOL!) I also find I am more crunchy now than ever- organic and natural living when I can. I am also on a path for peace (hard one for me with my past but I am trying).
    I wasn't always AP though. When my daughter was born I was young (barely) 18 and single. I did what I knew and didn't question. By the time I had my son I just knew better and followed my heart. I question everything now.
    My kids are well behaved sweet kids who love to just be kids! I love APing!
    We are also TTC a third child and we are in the process of becoming foster parents when we are ready (done the training but now we need to finish our home study). I am hoping to have one more bio baby and then foster adopt one or two more. But nothing is set in stone and I have learned to never make plans when it comes to kids (I was only going to have two BAH!!)!
    I hope to get to know you mamas!

    Dreams do come true!
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    What is AP parenting? It sounds interesting (from the posts I've read), but I'm not sure what it is exactly.
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