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    Glad to see you over here!!! And we are soooo going to have to make a trip to Austin, cause I know I would love you in person!!!

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    Well, I've read here here and there, but nost posted much, but I should start reading and posting here more often, you ladies are awesome! I get some flak for more parenting, and ya know, nice to have someone that agrees with you!

    I am Rachel, 28, married to Brian, also 28. He is a network tech, I am a sahm. That is what I have always aspired to be. Brilee is 2.5, we breastfed for 14mo (not child led weaning, dh was more ready for her to be done than me, but oh well), I was told by my ped that she should be sleeping through the night by 6mo and we tried CIO lamely for 1 or 2 nights. It was misery for all of us. DH hated it too! She slept in our bed until she was 10mo, and still now if she wakes in the night, which luckily is down to a few times a week now. I made all homemade baby food, and loved it. I am not a spanker, I don't think I can teach my children to not hit and be agressive if I am spanking them. We also have sweet Tucker who is 4.5mo. He starts out in the bassinet (better sleeper than Brilee ever was) but ends up in our bed every night. It sure is easier to breasfteed sleeping. lol. We do use sposies (poopy panties is enough for me, don't want more poopy things than that!), and we vaccinate on schedule. I don't think we'll homeschool, and couldn't do a homebirth (especially after a c/s), but did have a nonmedicated birth the first time around.

    Well, that was a whole lotta rambling. I recognize a number of you, and hope to get to know others better!
    Rachel, momma to 4
    dd 9, ds 7, twin boys Dec 09
    I nursed my twins for 2years and 2 weeks! A little sad to be all done now.

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    Hi, I just found this board, thought I'd try to see if I fit in

    I'm currently bf'ing my 21mo cosleeping dd, and am 21 weeks pg. My mom made our cloth diapers. dd is not on a schedule, we have always followed her cues regarding sleep times and eating. We still use the sling although I admit when she was only 2 weeks old I didn't like the sling at all- she seemed so squished up in it. I am a working mom (does that disqualify me? LOL!) but dh has been a SAHD and is now a WAHD. When junior is born I'll be taking 5 months off work, then dh will take over when I have to return to work. It really bothers me that I make more money than him LOL because it means I have to be the one paying rent etc, and have to go back to work after my leave is over. But I'm going to take the max leave I can, even though some of it is unpaid.
    Another thing that may disqualify me from this board LOL is that I am afraid of homebirth although I love the idea, because of complications dd had that landed her in the NICU, I wouldn't trust myself to recognize a newborn in distress on my own.

    Looks like a great board!

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    I'm new here too (though there are a lot of familiar faces )

    I'm Kristin, mom to Ashley (5.5), Julianna (almost 3), and Duncan (7 months)

    I went into labor with Ashley at 33.5 weeks and managed to not have her for 5 more days (thanks to heavy doses of magnesium in the hospital). After that (and the fact that we're 30 minutes from the hospital) I've been leery of having a baby at home.

    Julianna and Duncan were both born in the hospital with no drugs, 25 minutes after we arrived at the hospital (and they were 9-7 and 10-1).

    All 3 have been bf and the girls self-weaned (at 24.5 months and 28 months). We have cd'd off and on and are fully cd'ing 3 kids right now (fortunately just the older 2 at night).

    To me, AP is really reading your child (more than a particular practice) -- Julianna was (and still is) my clingy child and nursed to sleep until 28 months. We still have to lay down with her to get her to sleep. Duncan is more independent -- he gets fussy when he's tired and isn't comforted (usually) by me, so I lay him in his bed and he goes to sleep in 1-2 minutes. Then when he wakes up in the night, he stays with me.

    Anyway, long rambling intro...sorry!
    Kristin, mommy to A (7), J (4) and D 2.5

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    Hi there! I lurk here all the time, and thought I should introduce myself. I'm Laura, mommy to Ashley (6) and Riley (12mo)

    I had a hospital birth with him, with meds. But....I was induced 3 weeks early because he had an abnormal heartrate. The decision was to get him out. The whole thing was so absolutly frightening. They had me on the epidural incase they needed to do a c-sect. (worrying about his heart) But I would have had one anyhow, I don't do pain very well at all. His heart rate was fine (dropping and rising when it was supposed to) but remained inconsistant. When he was born he was on heart regulating medication for the first 6mo. We havent' had any problems since.

    Riley co-slept until about 6 or 7mo when he started to kick and move around. Now he snuggles before bed and then I put him in his crib. He was breastfed until he abruptly quit and refused the breast alltogether around 8mo. He's never been on a schedule, we completely go by his cues. So much so that I couldn't tell you how much milk he's had today, just that I know he drank some.

    Anyhow, that's the short version. Right now we're working on baby signing. He's got "milk" but that's it so far.

    Ashley is allergic to food dyes and most of the preservatives that they put into foods, so we eat all natural and organic everything. I was big into not eating chemicals anyhow, but now we're more diligent about it.

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    I am looking forward to join you all an learn as we TTC number one. I am hoping to be a SAHM and possibly try attachment parenting. Thanks for teaching me!

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    Hi! I am Holly, and I've been married to my husband Cody for a year and a half. We are TTC and I recently found this site, but I'm not new to attachment parenting- it was recommended to us by the child psychologist who helped us as we had temporary custody of our nephew. Seeing the spanking thread on the main page made me wonder if there was a forum on this site for AP - and here I am!

    Our nephew Isaiah was with us from 7 months to 18 months, until June 30th. Raising him during my first year of law school was the hardest thing I've ever had to do but also the most rewarding. My sister-in-law's (hubby's sister) had him during a time when she was very unprepared to be a single mom and she lost her temper with her son frequently - ultimately, we confronted her and she gave him over to us while she entered drug rehab and parenting classes. In the year he was here, he went from a shy, bruised, love-starved baby to a beautiful little man. I saw first-hand what most Alabamians referred to as "hippie parenting" working on a daily basis. Sometimes I fear that he thinks of us as his parents, and because SIL doesn't parent how we did, his growth may be backtracking. We don't see him much now and it hurts so badly - I think it's one reason we decided to TTC.

    I guess I'm here just to find out more about AP & get/give support while I'm on this great big journey to make a baby. It's very nice to meet you all!

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    I've been lurking, and this thread is super long.. but here is my introduction
    My name is Shannon and I'm a Hombirth Midwife in North Texas. Wife to Rob and mom to Juniper. Co-Sleeping, breastfeeding, vegetarian, cloth diapering, crunchy momma

    I have no idea how to post pictures.. but when I do figure it out, I'll update.[/img][/url]
    Shannon ~ Midwife in Texas
    Proud Momma of my Maya princess Juniper Reyna Isabel
    There is a Buddhist saying about adoption...
    It basically says you and your husband must have loved your baby very much in your previous life, that you were able to find her again in this life.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've posted a couple times but I guess I'll formally introduce myself now! I'm Lisa, mom to Jacob (6 mos), DH is Faris, married for 3 1/2 yrs. I guess I'd describe myself as semi-AP. I hope it is still OK for me to post here! What got me interested in AP is being totally against CIO and trying to find gentler ways to get my baby to sleep. (We don't cosleep b/c we have a waterbed! Jacob sleeps happily in his crib in his room.) I do BF my son on demand; for now I plan to wean (gently & gradually) around 12 mos. I am a wannabe slinger, never got the hang of my Moby Wrap We do use disposables and vaccinate, but that is not specific to AP, as I see it.

    I was glad to find this board! It makes me feel at home!

    Mom to Jacob, 7/7/05, and Emilie, 12/18/07

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    Hi, I'm Marie. My DD Bethany was born on September 10th.

    We co-sleep, BF on demand and plan on extended BFing (I was nursed until I was 5!), babywear, no CIO, no-vax, are vegetarian (and organic as much as possible), etc, etc.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

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