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    I am Marissa, mom to my little miracle, Peyton. He is our first and maybe only as we are getting a bit of a late start on this. I've been married to Bruce, my best friend and love of my life, for 6 years as of next month and we are loving the adventures of parenthood!

    I think the draw to AP for me came out of how I was parented. Although I didn't set out to find a definition for what I wanted to do for my child, I am ready to say that I'm pretty AP--BFing (part time after a rough start), feeding on demand, non-scheduling, babywearing, mostly co-sleeping, delayed vaxing, about to start cloth diapering sorta crunchy gal. Bruce is a little more reserved and conventional, but I break him out of his box daily

    I look forward to getting to know everyone

    Traveling life's highway with my love and partner, Bruce,
    and Snacky, my sunshine boy.

    Sweet angels in our hearts 6/09 & 9/10. I will always carry you.

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    My name is Lisa, and my DD is 2. I hadn't heard of AP until she was probably a year old, but when I learned about it, I realized that that was pretty much what we had been doing and still do. It's just instinct.

    Anyway, I'm happy to have found this board and am looking forward to getting to know you all!
    DD Addison 7/2/04
    DD Kennedy 9/1/07

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    Hi there!
    I'm Brigitte and I have 2 children- Caeden born 9/8/01 and Callista born 1/22/06. I discovered I was an AP'er when I had my 1st baby. Didn't read any books about it, but after joining a few boards and hearing the term tossed around, found that I fit perfectly into this philosophy. I agree w/ the others in that- it just seemed natural to me.
    My DS Caeden co-slept until he was nearly 4 and we bribed him into his own room with the promise that one of our dogs would sleep with him. So now Moose and Caeden happily co-sleep. :rofl: I wore Caeden as a baby, responded immediately to him, BF him for 5 months (but wish we'd done so longer), and generally carted him around with me everywhere I went (except work). One thing that's particularly important to my DH and I: one of us has always stayed home with our kids. When I went back to work after DS was 3 months old, DH became a SAHD. Now since I had DD, I've become the SAHM while DH goes back to work.
    I currently EBF my DD, co-sleep, wear her, occasionally CD, and always respond to her fusses before they become screams.

    Ok, well don't wanna write a book, won't have anything fun to post about later! Looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

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    hi Im ashley (22) im engaged to my best friend darren (22) weve been together for four amazing years. we have two sons' Elliott (28mos) and Ethan (7mos) we live in sunny south florida. We did "traditional" parenting with Elliott (mostly cause we didnt know better) he was rarely held, formula fed due to latch and supply problems, slept by himself from day one and turned out just fine! he is a self soother with a wonderful personality, hes not much of a cuddler, loves his independance is a real smart little boy and a wonderful big brother, our younger boy who was born in march of this year (06) is very different from his brother. He hates being alone, breastfeeds exclusivly, co-sleeps alot of the time & loves being in the sling. ive always been curious of attachment parenting and love to broaden our horizon with new and interesting ideas for parenting. I look forward to getting to know the members in this forum!
    Ashley, mom to 3 awesome little boys!

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    Hello. I am a first time mom and Brody was born in Aug 06. Married my best friend and the love of my life in Aug 05. We've been following many of the AP styles without really knowing too much about AP initailly. It's a parenting style that just feels right. I look forward to learning more from this board continuing to raise my little man in the most connected and loving way I can.

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    It has occured to me that I never posted here Allow me to introduce myself

    My name is Danielle, I'm a SAHM to 2 wonderful boys. Adam will be 5 next month and Logan is about 4 1/2 months. I live with my DBF of 4 years (Ed) and we are both 20 years old. It was a few months ago when I learned what "Attachment Parenting" was. I had never heard of this but I guess that's what I've been doing My first son was FF bc I was 16 and instead of educating me about BFing the hospital just shoved formula on us- I didn't really know any better. I tried to CD DS #1 but didn't know about these nice CD and gave up on the Gerber PF's and pins that my mom bought. It meant so much to me but it was too much (she had us soaking them in a pail as well) so I resorted to disposables.

    I've always coslept with Adam and he's starting to sleep on his own through part of the night now. I pretty much let Adam call the shots (depending on the situation). He chooses when to eat based on when he's hungry. I'd hate it if someone said "ok, it's lunch time so EAT". I ask him all day if he's hungry and he lets me know when he is. I also let him fall asleep when he gets tired (as long as it's not *TOO* late) and he wakes up when he's rested (unless we have to go somewhere).

    With DS #2 I BF & CD. We cosleep after his daddy leaves for work because there just isnt room in the bed before then. I wear him when we're out but not at home (I have to go outside to do laundry and it would be a massive pain to keep putting a coat on him in the mei tai just to go outside.

    DBF supports my decisions (he's a tad afraid that they'll be too dependent but he still supports me) but teases me and says I'm a hippy

    Oh, sorry about writing a book! On to the pictures
    This was right before I had Logan it was way too hot for me to smile for the camera lol

    Logan in the sling before we gave up and started using the MT - he wasn't a fan of the sling

    Most recent pic of me

    My boys (neither of them cared about the camera lol)

    and the best most recent pic I have of Ed (I have more recent ones but they look bad lol)- it was around christmas

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    Hi, My name is Amanda, I have posted here on occasion but never actually introduced myself.

    I am 25, just got married in Dec to David (also 25) we've known each other since 8th grade, but been together for 6yrs. We Live in SW FLorida, but moved here in Aug 05 from Illinois, where I had lived all my life, David had moved around alot till he moved to Illinois in 8th grade.
    We just had a daughter Madeline on Aug 3 06. We co-sleep, and LOVE it, and Maddie is bf.

    I actually just started reading a book (well a 2book set) that I had bought for $1 at a garage sale when I was pregnant, and never looked at untill the other day, but after reading just a bit of it quit because it made me angry, because it was talking bad about co-sleeping and AP, which made me remember this board so i thought I would come visit again.
    Amanda~ Mod of the gaming board
    Dh~ David: 12-02-2006
    Dd~Madeline: 08-03-2006
    Ds~ Charles: 3-16-2009

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    Hello everyone, My name is Della and i'm 28 years old. I'm married and we have 1 little girl, who is 6 months old named Alyssa. I thought I would introduce myself before I start asking for help, which will be my next topic This is the first time visiting this board but I'm sure it will not be my last. I'm afraid my idea of parenting and my DH's idea of parenting are very different and i'm needing some help on how to bring him around as well as some sleep help. Here is a picture of all three of us from Christmas

    and one just of Alyssa

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    Hi, I'm Meira, Mommy to 9yo Natalie, and hopefully-soon-to-be-Mommy to #2. I followed Alicia over here from the adoption board, and I really am enjoying reading a lot of what I see. I had never heard of AP before pg.org, but it certainly sounds like the way I've tried to raise Natalie. Your little ones all look so sweet and happy! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! Here's my Natalie when she *used* to be a baby.

    Hold Onto Your Dreams!

    I've Been Shot in the Bum by a Little Angel

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    I've lurked here for ages but never introduced myself. I'm Helina (36), DH Tim is 28. We've been married 2yrs and our DD Lidia is just over 8mos. We live in Vermont, just over the border from NH. We didn't officially plan to do AP but our parenting styles dovetailed nicely into it. It's similar to how I was raised--we even have pics of my mom wearing me in a ring sling way back in '71.

    Lidia has been EBF since birth, and we're still going strong--she has never had a drop of formula, despite the fact that I've been working F/T since she was 8wks old. DH works nights and cares for Lidia on weekdays when I'm at work & it works really well for us.

    We've been wearing Lidia since birth in a variety of slings and carriers, but DH got me an Ergo for Christmas and I LOVE IT. We co-sleep, nurse on demand, follow a customized vax schedule for medical reasons, and feed her the natural/organic/local foods that we eat ourselves. I can honestly say that w/o co-sleeping I would not be able to work a F/T job. I need my sleep, and thanks to co-sleeping, I have not felt sleep-deprived since she was a week old! I sleep great, she sleeps great, everyone is happy.

    I look forward to being a part of this board!

    Here are some pics:
    5 days overdue (Lidia was born 12 days past EDD and I would've waited longer if they'd let me!)

    Me and my little strawberry at 10wks

    Lidia asleep in the Ergo on our trip to Florida last week

    Family pic

    ETA: sorry for double post

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