anyone still breastfeeding?

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anyone still breastfeeding?

Just curious if there are any other mommies still breastfeeding? How is it going? We are still breastfeeding just in the morning and at night before bed and I will keep doing it because it works for us Smile

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Calleigh weaned herself in May when I had to leave her with my mom to take my oldest daughter to Boston for 5 days for surgery prep.

Worked out well since we were gone, again without her, in July for 2 weeks.

Had it not been for Caity's surgery, I am sure she would still be nursing.

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Mady weaned about 2 weeks ago at 22.5 months! Not a single tear was shed and although it was bittersweet, it went as smoothly as possible.

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we are Smile like you, i am not in a rush to wean my last baby. he turned two on 8/25...i am sure my family is going to give me grief about this more now. even my kids are harping on my that he's not a baby anymore and he's too old for that.

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We're still nursing before bed here too. It works for us, so no immediate plans to change that. Glad to know we're not alone!