Cassandra (Cassandra83) had her baby!

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Cassandra (Cassandra83) had her baby!

Cassandra and I are both due in August and I thought I'd let you all know that Cassandra had Candace Janae today at 12:01 P.M. She was 6lbs and 10oz. So exciting to see little sisters and brothers of our Snapdragons being born! Congrats Cassandra!

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yay congrats on your little girl! I saw her on facebook and she is such a cutie! Where are all our pregnant ladies? Let us know how you are doing Smile

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That is wonderful news, thanks for sharing. And good luck with your impending day Smile

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COngrats to both of you!!!:yahoo:

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Sorry ladies I didn't update the board, But yes my Little Girl is here
Thanks Ladies

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Yeah - congrats! The pictures you have been posting are fantastic!