Dane's Birth Story! (xp)

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Dane's Birth Story! (xp)

Our little guy was born 7/20!! Smile

We got to the hospital about 7:15 am Wednesday morning for our induction. By 8, they had us in a room and got me hooked up to monitors. About 15 minutes later, my doctor popped in surprisingly (his office is across town so I didn't expect to see him until the end) and he said he wanted to break my water before he went back to his office. DH & I were both really surprised since I wasn't even hooked up to an IV yet, let alone progressing yet. He tracked down my L&D nurse (who was amazing BTW) and then checked me (I was a "full" 1 cm) and then tried to break my water. Apparently, I have a bag of steel and after about 3 minutes of trying to hook it with the crochet hook thing, he decided to try the metal end of an internal fetal heart rate monitor (or at least I'm 95% sure that is what it was). All I heard was the word "scalpel" and I freaked until I saw what he was using. It took him another minute or two before he was able to get it, but finally it ruptured & the water was clear. My OB took off and my L&D nurse got me hooked up on the IV fluids and asked if I was planning on getting an epidural. I told her absolutely and she said he could probably come in now so she went for him & a half hour later, I was all hooked up and she then started Pitocin. About a half hour later, I noticed a spot in my left hip that wasn't going numb and I was feeling my contractions still in that spot (I was contracting when I got there so they weren't the horrible Pitocin contractions yet), so the nurse had the anesthesiologist come back in (he was awesome) and he got it all fixed for me but it resulted in my right leg completely going DEAD. Like zero feeling. It was quite funny actually. The nurse did another check and I was at 3 cm already so I was pretty stoked that I was making progress so quickly (this is maybe an hour after the Pitocin was started). So DH & I just sat there talking for the next few hours with lots of discussion about the baby's name; I had decided to give him a few names to choose from and he'd get to pick it once he was born. During our discussion, he narrowed it down from 4 choices to 2. Anyway, once noon rolled around, the nurse checked me again and I was only 4 cm. I was a little disappointed because the first few had gone quickly and then it had taken this long to make it one more centimeter so I figured I was due for a long wait to get to 10.

By about 1 pm, I was starting to feel this weird area of pain across my hips in the front and I figured my epidural was having issues again so I told my nurse who said she'd like to check me again before calling the anesthesiologist. I figured that was worthless but I was wrong - I was at 7 cm!! So she said had me move positions a little (I needed help with how numb I was) and that fixed the painful spot, and then said she had a feeling we didn't have a lot of time so she was going to start getting the room prepared for the baby. About 45 minutes later, the room was set up and she decided to do another check and as soon as she lifted my sheet, she said "I bet you're complete" because there was quite a bit of blood. She checked and I was in fact fully dilated so she said she was going to call my OB who was at his office 20 minutes away and get him moving. He said he was just finishing up with an appointment and would hit the road, so she said we'd start pushing as soon as he got there. I was still so numb that I couldn't even feel pressure so I was completely okay with that figuring it would give him a chance to drop into the birth canal even further.

My OB finally arrived about 2:30 and after getting into his baby catching gown (and putting shoe covers on because he had his "good shoes" on, LOL) he had me start pushing. For some reason, be it my rock hard uterus or the baby's position or the fact that I couldn't really adjust my body, pushing was incredibly uncomfortable (actually painful) in my ribs - I honestly thought if I curled any further I might break a rib. After a few contractions/sets of pushing, my doctor said the baby just wasn't moving down very well, mainly because he was twisted around and had his head tilted so he was kind of stuck on my pelvis. Ironically, I had this exact same problem with my DD and it took a lot of pushing in awkward positions to get her unstuck (I actually pulled a muscle severely in my back trying to push her out!). But my OB, who hadn't been present during 90% of the pushing during my labor with DD, said he was just thinking of using the vacuum. I found that terrifying since I don't know much about it other than that it seems like a lot of women tear WAY bad when they are used so with the next contraction I gave it my all, straining my shoulder in the process from pulling so hard on my own legs, but it just wasn't enough and my OB said that he was going to just use the vacuum and get the baby out. They kept losing his HB on the monitor too so I think that was also a factor. So with the next contraction, he hooked the little suction cup on his head and pulled as I pushed and I heard him say "Yup, that's all we needed" - apparently it got his head unhooked and he slid right down and the next contraction, his head was out (which of course is an amazing but really disturbing moment IMO). He got him suctioned out a bit and then with one more contraction, I pushed his shoulders out and the rest of him followed behind! At 2:53, our little boy was officially out (took about 15 minutes of pushing is all). I was blown away at how fast it was there. Both my doctor and the L&D nurse commented on how big he was, but he ended up "only" being 7 lbs 14 oz when they thought he was going to be like 8 1/2 lbs. He is 20.5" long which is 1.5" longer than my DD! His APGARS were 8 & 9 I believe. I asked DH what his name was & he said he clearly looked like a Dane, which I totally agreed with, so that was that.

He has TONS of thick, dark hair and I've had multiple nurses ask me when they see him initially what ethnicity my DH is to get that hair (obviously if he isn't standing there because my DH is super blonde and white LOL). He has been a very good baby so far though a little overly sleepy and I've had a hard time making sure he eats on the BFing schedule the hospital wants him on, but he is getting a little better as time goes on. He does latch on really well if he is awake and hungry, then eats for a good amount of time so already better than my DD. It is really surreal that we have 2 kids now (especially when my DD came to visit and we had all 4 of us here).

As far as recovery, it hasn't been bad at all. I was able to avoid an episiotomy this time (yay!) but did tear a bit upwards although it didn't go to my urethra so it hasn't really bothered me much. I did have issues getting my bladder to empty at first and the cramping from my uterus has been pretty brutal, but overall I have had a fairly easy recovery (especially if I keep up on my pain pills for the cramping). As much as I wanted to avoid another induction, after this experience, I would be okay to do it again if necessary. It was such a good expereince, and of course, the fact that it only took about 7 hours from beginning to end was the icing on the cake!

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Oh my gosh Ashley congrats! He is gorgeous! He does have a lot of hair! He has more than my DS did and he's half mexican lol! So cute! Congrats on being a mommy to 2! How is Brekke adjusting?

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"K_Lo" wrote:

How is Brekke adjusting?

She's doing pretty well. She really likes him and gives him lots of kisses and hugs (although we have to remind her to be gentle since sometimes she gets a little aggressive!). She definitely is acting out a bit more and has been extra whiny & clingy lately, but that was expected. So I guess so far so good Biggrin Lucky for her, he is pretty content to sit wherever so I'm able to put him down a lot to make sure she is getting extra attention while she gets used to him being here.

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Congrats Ashley, he's gorgeous! I'm glad to hear Brekke seems to be adjusting well so far!

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I a little late to this but congrats!!! He is adorable :giveflower:

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Well, I'm only 3 months late to the party, but congrats...he is beautiful!!!

I was induced with all three of mine and so much of what you wrote sounds familiar to me...good job, mama!

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Full head of gorgeous hair!! Welcome to the World, Dane!

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How beautiful - reminds me of Molly with that lovely dark hair - she is now blonde (at 2) which is great as I got sick of saying she was mine when people would see my hubby and I (both blonde!!!)