Early intervention meeting

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Early intervention meeting

We have our first meeting with early intervention tomorrow. Liam has been having some issues, and we are thinking he is on the autism spectrum. Pray everything goes well, and these little issues are just random things that don't mean anything, just happen together.

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I hope it's nothing! We went through the worry and an EI meeting with our oldest, but they thought he was okay (he still has some weird behaviors, though). I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope he's just developing a little more slowly. If he is on the spectrum, I'm glad you're getting him help early! Good luck.

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Thanks, today it was the person with the physical. It looks like he might just be in the slow, but ok line there. The speech person will come out within the next two weeks to assess his speech/vocabulary. We should learn more about today's scoring early next week.
We did notice a correlation between processed meats and his "symptoms" or behaviors. We cut those out on Friday, and every day is better. We even went to Walmart and had a perfectly normal shopping trip with no melt downs. We didn't even have screaming during checkout!

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Glad to hear it doesn't seem like anything too concerning. How bizarre about the processed meats, I would have never even thought of that if I was in your shoes...glad it seemed to help when you cut them out!

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As a teacher, it is wonderful to hear when parents really look into why their child may be behaving and developing in the manner they are. Having Early Intervention is a wonderful resource - and if your child is, or isn't on the spectrum, the process allows you to develop strategies and systems that work for your child. We found that processed meats and store bread were triggers to certain 'behaviours' with our eldest. I also found that keeping a diary allowed me to evaluate sleep etc.....
Hang in there - and remember the most interesting journeys are the ones that bring the best memories in the end

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Glad that things are getting better. :bigarmhug:

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Took Liam to the dr Friday for his well child check up. She does not think it is autism since he had skills, and them lost them. On a plus note, he went from 100 words to practically no language when we pulled him off of processed meats. He them regained to 50. 2 weeks off of processed meats, and he is up to 75, plus he has started stringing words together (a skill he had not had before things started going bad). The dr said to keep him off of processed meats since they had such a strong affect on him. Early intervention comes back on tuesday to see how is language is. Begining to think he may not qualify except on clarity in language. His dr does want his hearing tested to rule out hearing loss.

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How is he now? Have they discovered what the root issue is?

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Thoughts and prayers going out to you!

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I know what it is like to be scared your child has autism! At 18 months my daughter only said 2 words and had very little interest in repeating or just not being very verbal at all! Our ped said we needed to watch her for other signs and after he said that I was soo worried about her and looked up everything about signs of autism. She was 19 months old when I had my son and she didn't even say baby. I fought soo hard to get her help but we didn't qualify through the state so we had to pay lots of money or wait till she was 3 so she could be evaluated through her preschool. Everyone told me to stop worrying and that would talk when she is ready. 3 months before her 3rd birthday she finally was interested in talking and she started talking in 3-4 word sentences! Now she is almost 4 and she has totally caught up to her peers and has a wonderful vocabulary! On the other hand my son has been a really early talker and talks in sentences already. I hope everything will be ok with Liam and it is great you are getting him evaluated early! If you need someone to talk to we are here for you Smile

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Finally getting back to the boards. Liam's vocabulary is almost where it needs to be, but he does still have some issues. He should be having an OT consult soon. He finally had what I can only describe as a "spell" in front of his speech therapist. She said the way he did was very like a sensory processing disorder. We do know that if he eats pork he is almost uncontrollable. Since we took him off pork he also has a normal pain level now soon worrying if a tumble was just a tumble ornif he actually hurt himself. His speech also increased after removing pork.