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If you celebrate Easter, what are you planning on doing for your LOs this year?

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We will probably just do a small easter egg hunt in the front yard Smile Nothing too big this year..

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We are visiting family in DC for Easter.

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We will have an easter egg hunt (with most of the eggs being in the chook house). I am looking at doing some egg dying over the next few weeks....and trying to find the story of the easter bilby for the kids to hear (since rabbits are not well loved by farmers and the bilby is the cutest easter replacement that some Australian farmer created) Have google and see!!!

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I think we are going to hard boil some eggs and decorate with stickers. I figure he is still too little for dying them, but stickers would be fun.

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We're going to boil and dye some eggs with DS for sure. I don't know that DD could do it yet. Only one way to find out I guess. DD did it when he wasn't much older than she is. We'll visit family too. I plan to have both kids "help" me plant some flowers too.