Let's share recent pictures of our Snapdragons!

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Let's share recent pictures of our Snapdragons!

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! I have really been a lurker these days since I started back to work but I hope to be on here more during the summer. I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our Snapdragons and their siblings too Smile Let's try to get this board going again!!!!

Here is a recent picture of us that I thought turned out pretty good, well except for my bra showing, lol!

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Here is our family on Easter Sunday! DH is not big on his face being posted on the net, hence the blackout Smile

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We all have such beautiful babies!

Here is AJ at 19 months.

She is wearing every single pair of (clean) panties that I bought for her in preparation of potty training!

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Ok....I am so slack. I don't get a chance to visit as often as I like. I am meant to be correcting Case Studies at the moment, but loving seeing how everyone is growing up. I don't know how to attach a photo here, so updated the avatar with the latest photo of myself, my brother and Molly and her brother.
facebook.com/jo.pentony - There are lots of photos here too!!!

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I'm still here! (Or, rather, I still peek at the page sometimes in between bouts of chasing the kids ;).) I can't believe how big ((and beautiful) our babies are getting!

Here's what Eleanor's been up to lately...playing with her sis, going to the park (see siggy, too), and stealing my coffee.

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Cassidy loves being in the water. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep her out of it....

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We're still around. I lurk from time to time to see how everyone is doing.

But holy cow, look how big these LO's have gotten!

Here is a recent shot of Maddox that I thought was cute, and there's a new one of him and his brother in my sig from vacation Smile

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Bonus: pregnant me
32wks 3days

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Congratulations Cassandra - you look terrific Smile

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Photobucket My little man getting his 1st haircut

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October mommy here, but my board has died Sad

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She had to check out the baby's carseat Smile SHe almost still fit!