Liam, ER, same ole same ole

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Liam, ER, same ole same ole

Monday night we had a tornado go through so we got Liam out of bed and we all got into Robby's (ds1) closet (the safest place in our house). The tornado was close, I did see it out the window before going back to the closet. After the initial danger was gone, we got out of the closet, were staying in Robby's room in case we had to get back into the closet. Liam was sitting in a chair at a toddler table. He fell backwards and busted open his head (again, forgot to post that he did this same type injury 3 weeks ago on the same bed rail different technique). So, we had to follow the tornado into the ER. We got there, 1 dr on duty. A lady kept coding and finally died. So, after getting there at 7:30 pm, we got to check out at 12:30 am after getting Liam glued back together. We go home, put the boys in bed, and go to bed ourselves. Wake up later, Liam has pulled the glue off during his sleep so we have to go to the dr to get it checked AGAIN! All normal until the next day, we wake up, Liam is wheezing and we have to take him back to the dr for the 3rd day in a row! He has croup for what, the 3rd, 4th or 5th time this year, I don't know! I guess he got it at the ER. Robby was never this much trouble. The ER dr and nurse from just looking at Liam and how he behaved that we would be there A LOT! He is fearless and a little dare devil!

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Should I add, here he is trying to surf the hospital bed table? At one point in time he actually stood on the thing and rocked back and forth while I tried to grab hold of him while he bat my hands away!

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Oh My! You are going to have your hands full with him Wink

I'm glad to hear he is ok though and that is so scary about the tornado!

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Oh wow! What a scare!

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Very scary. Glad he's okay! Sounds like you've got your hands full with him!

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Oh my goodness!! What a story! YIKES!

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Poor little guy! I am not sure what it is about the 2nd child, but they definitely have no fear of anything. Hope he can stay well for a while!