Looking for an in home day care provider

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Looking for an in home day care provider

Anyone have any suggestions on things I need to ask about?

I found a website, Care.com, which is really helpful, but I want to make sure my questions are asking all the right ones.

Also, anyone know what sounds like a fair daily amount? I was thinking $30 - $40 a day seemed fair, but I really don't know. The cost of the big daycares in my area are anywhere from $180 - $220 a week for his age.

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Hi Noelle Smile

I have my kids in a home daycare. I pay 10 per hour to a max of 50 per day for both kids. She gives us a break on the second child. Its 8 per hour to a max of 50 for one kid.

Ask about licensing, if its available in your area. Is she certified in first aid/cpr? How many kids does she take and what ages. What is a typical daytime schedule? What is lunch/snacks? How much (if any) screen time does she use? Where will they sleep? Who else might be in the house during the day (other adults or older kids on p/a days)? Is she flexible about pick up/drop off or what are the charges if she is not? If they go outside, is she vigilant about sunscreen/hats? What about bug spray? What type of discipline does she use? How does she deal with a kid having a temper tantrum/melt down? What are you expected to provide and what does she provide? How does she go about potty training? Does she take the kids out to the park or anywhere like that? How does she get there (ie wagons, strollers, hold the rope, etc). How many holidays does she take? Are you expected to pay if he's sick and not coming? What is her sick policy?

It seems like a lot, I spent about an hour interviewing my babysitter. Some of the other candidates had much shorter inteviews, b/c they gave me an answer I didn't like early on. Be sure to ask about what kind of programming she does too, ie does she emphasize behaviour or concepts (days, colours etc).

Hope that helps!

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I babysit in my home. One boy is out of the kindness of my heart. The other two I only have once a week and I get paid $7/hr. I think it would really depend on your area. There is a huge range in price by area and even buy neighborhoods in the same area. One thing to think of is finding a stay at home Mom that does not have a lot of other kids in her house, just her own and yours. It is more like a home and not a day care that way.

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thank you so much for the advice! The list of questions was perfect! I didn't even think to ask about who else might be in and out of the house.

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