Mother's Day

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Mother's Day

Any special somethings you hope to get? What would your ideal Mother's Day consist of?

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I don't really want anything. Breakfast in bed and a bubble bath that night would be the best things ever!

I think this year is going to be hectic again. Morning at my mom's on side of town and dinner at his mom's by our house. DBF will be going fishing in the morning (yes, I said yes to this on mother's day....second thinking it now) so probably no breakfast in bed

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I think my girls will try to spoil me. There is a mother daughter breakfast at church then other special things planned at church. Hopefully DH will change all the diapers and make dinner.

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That I finish this half marathon in one piece! LOL. Ok, so I mostly kid there, but still. I'd like to finish it feeling halfway decent. And I really want my hubby and kids to be there. I'd love to have them come out and run the last little bit with me.
Then, after the race....I want a nice shower, lots of food, including ice cream with chocolate, and a nap. LOL. Flowers would be cool, but are not necessary. Hugs and kisses from my munchkins are a must though. Biggrin Snuggles would be an added bonus for sure!