Tax Refunds

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Tax Refunds

What are you planning to do with yours?

We will be using it to PAY OFF our 2010 4Runner. I discovered Dave Ramsey this year, lol, and have managed to pay all but $8700 on a $34k loan. :eek:

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Good for you! We will pay off the remainder of DD1's school bill and save the rest to use throughout the year for extra expenses and unplanned things such as a family vacation and car repairs. We probably will also go out to eat somewhere nicer for Valentines day.

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Good for you!! We discovered Dave Ramsey this year too, I'm using our return for a car as well, replacing the one that is falling apart and no longer fit to drive.

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I won't be putting my taxes in for at least a few more weeks (in Canada we typically get our tax forms and such during February) and I have no idea how much I'll be looking at, but I know that every penny is going into the apartment fund. If I'm lucky it will be enough for a bed for me and a dresser for Ian .. and if I'm really lucky, maybe I'll have enough to pay for internet or cable for the new place for a few months, lol.

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We will be paying off a credit card, some of another, and using a little bit for our deposit for our anniversary trip to the Dominican Republic Smile

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Good for you! We found Dave Ramsey years ago and have bought both of our cars with cash. No more payments ever again. It's amazing what you can do with your money when you have no debt.

We won't be getting much of one this year, alas. But it probably would have just been put toward savings.

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Yeahhhh it turned out my piddly little raise I got last year (it was TINY but I didn't complain)... put us in the VERY BOTTOM of the next bracket. So we owed. A lot. *sigh*

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Love Dave Ramsey!

I put mine toward a credit card