We're toddlers now!!

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We're toddlers now!!

Well, our LOs are pretty much officially toddlers these days!

I found an article about toddlers studying YOGA! Wouldn't that be too cute? I am picturing little toddler yoga pants and tiny yoga mats


WHEN you hear kids talking about things like the "downward dog", "lotus" and "cat cow", you could be forgiven for thinking they'd had a trip to the zoo.

But toddlers at nurseries across the city will be learning those and similarly bizarre phrases when they study yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle drive next week.

Running for a week from Monday, children aged 15 months and up at branches of The Old Station Nursery will be learning the ancient Eastern exercise as part of a national campaign, called Healthy Body, Happy Me.

Susan Brader, 27, deputy manager of the branch based at Lincoln College in Monks Road, said the children are expected to take to it well.

"We have done yoga before, but only ever for a short time," said Miss Brader.

"The kids really enjoy it because it's a bit of something different to everyday nursery life that they don't do all the time. It will also be good for their health in general."

Experts say using yoga for babies and children can help strengthen core muscles, improve posture and give youngsters better breathing techniques.

Yoga instructor Sally Worth, who has been teaching in and around the city from more than 30 years, said: "Yoga in children can help strengthen their muscles and teach them good breathing techniques.

"There are also benefits with developing good posture. It is a very positive thing for children to learn."

And bending and stretching is just one of the things the youngsters will be doing as part of the week-long programme of activities for the event, organised by the National Day Nurseries Association.

It aims to ensure youngsters have the energy for play, learning and fun.

Other activities will include making exotic salads and smoothies, outdoor walks, making cress heads and dressing up as their favourite fairy tale character.

Sarah Steel, managing director of The Old Station Nursery Group, said: "The Healthy Body, Happy Me campaign is a brilliant opportunity to teach our children at an early age about healthy lifestyles.

"It's vital they understand the importance of good health and exercise and that these can be achieved in a fun and interesting way."

Sites taking part include the Marina nursery in Brayford Pool, Wragby Road nursery, Waterside South and Waddington.

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That's so neat! Hunter would love it, he's been doing Downward Facing Dog since he was like 12 months old, it's also his favorite nursing position Lol His favorite thing to do when I work out is sit on my tummy during ab work, far from helpful LOL.

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We just wen on a cruise and toddler in the pool with us knew downward dog and a few other positions. He was about 2 1/2.

It was really cute and they are so limber all these moves are so easy for their bodies and good for them too.

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AJ does Downward Dog too! Except to her, it means, "Somersault, Daddy!" and DH flips her over